Do you know an outstanding nurse?

You see them every day. In hospitals and classrooms. With patients and their families. Colleagues and classmates.

They’re all leaders in their own right. They’re outstanding nurses – true heroes. And this is your chance to help us find and honor them. It’s the Elsevier Superheroes of Nursing! Over the next several months, you’ll have the chance to nominate and vote for the superheroes right here on this website. The winning nurses will win a trip to the ANCC National Magnet Conference® in October. At Elsevier, we’re proud to recognize the efforts of the outstanding nurses all around us –and we hope you’ll join us over the next few months as we search for the 2014 Superheroes of Nursing.

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Past Superheroes

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2013 Validator

Sheelu Jospeh

Sheelu Jospeh, BSN, RN, CCRN, is the clinical manager of the cardiovascular intensive care unit (ICU) and central telemetry unit at Houston…

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2013 Protector

Melody Anne Butler

Melody Anne Butler was named the Protector in 2013 for her role in creating Nurses Who Vaccinate, an organization dedicated to…

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2013 Educator

Christine Thornam

Christine Thornam, BSN, PhD, RN, excels at translating and applying research in her practice…

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